About Us


My name is Laura Lucas and I am the High Wax Priestess at Alchemy Noir.  What once was just a daydream in my beautiful imagination became my baby to nurture and grow. Having practiced Wicca since an early age allows me to share my gift of love, light and abundance with you all.  Following the gift my ancestors passed down to me makes Alchemy Noir uniquely different in that I am able to share my traditional Wiccan practices in something that I love. 

Alchemy Noir came to be from my days where I would go to a local Bewitchery© in Huntington Beach California to purchase candles which had been blessed by a very well known Wiccan High Priestess.  I thought wouldn't this be amazing to actually start a line of candles which brought those who purchased what their desires were into being. I could honor my Coven and my mentor. Whether it's hope, prosperity or love everyone wants magic to bring abundance into their lives. Alchemy Noir was magically crafted and will continue to grow. Thank you for being a part of my continuing story.  We look forward to the many blessings these candles will bring. So mote it be... LL